Medical FAQ

Do I need any pre-op testing?

Proper preparation for your procedure is very important. Most healthy patients do not need any pre-op tests. If necessary, your physician/dentist and office staff will tell you what pre-surgical testing (laboratory blood tests, X-rays, or EKGs, etc.) will be required before the day of your procedure with results faxed to our office.

Please have these tests completed at least seven to 14 days prior to the scheduled procedure or you may have to be rescheduled. If your physician asks for a “medical clearance” from a specialist, please have the letter faxed to us at 215-676-7130.

What should I do with the pink forms (H&P) given to me by my doctor/dentist?

The pink form should be completed as soon as possible by the primary care physician or pediatrician. Simply send back in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided to you. You may also elect to fax these forms to 215-676-7130 or email to redlion@secure.cavitybusters.com.

When will I know my arrival time?

The staff of Red Lion Surgicenter will call you two days prior to your scheduled procedure. They will review your medical history, allergies, and current medications, and give you specific instructions regarding your procedure and scheduled arrival time.

In the event we are unable to speak to you personally, instructions will be left on your answering machine/voicemail. Please call the office back to confirm receipt of the message details. You must confirm your appointment time by 12 noon the day before the procedure, or the appoinment may be cancelled.

Please be aware that HIPAA regulations do not allow us to state your procedure or physician when leaving a message on an answering machine/voicemail. If you will not be home or do not have an answering machine, please call us at 215-676-2232 ext. 335 between 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM two business days prior to your procedure so we can give you your specific instructions.

Are there any dietary restrictions?

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your scheduled arrival time! The Surgicenter nurse will give specific instructions regarding drinking water, if applicable. 

What about my medications?

Routine oral medications should be taken as prescribed with a sip of water on the day of your procedure, up to two hours prior to your scheduled arrival time. If you are currently taking insulin, oral diabetic medications, anticoagulants such as Coumadin or Plavix, aspirin, or products containing aspirin, contact your physician/dentist immediately for instructions on taking these medications.

If you are taking diet suppressants or herbal supplements, please discontinue taking them 14 days prior to your scheduled procedure to avoid a potential reaction with anesthesia.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes and remove jewelry, metal hair accessories, and body piercing jewelry.

Please leave your wallet, purse, money, credit cards, cell phone, and all valuables at home or with an adult who accompanies you. Dentures, contact lenses, and glasses will be removed just prior to the procedure if necessary, and placed in a bag with your clothing.

If I have a question, who can I speak to?

Our staff will gladly answer any of your questions. Simply call 215-676-2232, extension 335, and leave a message in the nurse’s mailbox. We will return your call in a timely fashion.

Billing/Insurance FAQs

Am I responsible for my bill?

Yes. Upon admittance, you are responsible for your bill. The amount that was paid at the time of scheduling is an estimated amount due. If any additional payment is due after the insurance company pays, you will receive a bill in the mail.

What charges are included in my bill?

Red Lion Surgicenter facility fees include the cost of the operating room, labs, supplies, equipment, medication, and recovery care. Your bill does not include charges from any physicians or dentists who provide services on your behalf.

Questions about dental fees should be directed to the billing office at (267) 343-4280. Your bill does not include charges from the anesthesiologist who provided services on your behalf. Questions about anesthesia fees should be directed to Associates in Anesthesia at (610) 874-6448.

How do your fees compare to other facilities?

Red Lion Surgicenter’s pricing for many of its major procedures is significantly lower than that of its competitors. If you are price checking and find our fees are higher than another facility, please let us know, and we will reassess our fees.

How do I submit a claim to my insurance company?

We will bill your insurance carrier after you have received services. If your insurance carrier does not pay the bill promptly, we may contact you for assistance. If there is a remaining balance after your insurance has paid, a statement will be sent to you.

If you have questions regarding your insurance company’s payment, you should contact your insurance company directly to check on the status of your claim.

I don’t have insurance; can I still receive services?

If you do not have insurance, a bill will be sent to you before service is completed. If you are unable to pay the entire amount shown on your bill, please call us so we can assist you to identify other financial assistance programs.

The National Association of Health Underwriters offers a user-friendly website that provides information about private health insurance coverage, as well as the many public and private programs available to Americans to help them obtain the medical care they need. You can even search for information by state — visit www.nahu.org/consumer/healthcare for more information.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover everything?

If any portion of your account is not covered by insurance, you are required to pay the balance. We are not a party to your insurance contract and we will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company.

Do you accept government programs?

Yes. Red Lion Surgicenter is a participating provider for government programs including PA Access, Keystone First, HealthPartners, and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. We will file all forms for you.

If applicable, after insurance pays its portion, we will bill your supplemental insurance. If there is a remaining balance after your supplemental insurance has made payment, we will send you a statement of your balance.

What insurances do you accept?

We are continuously adding insurers to our list, so if you do not see your insurer listed below, please contact us. Currently, Red Lion Surgicenter is a participating provider with the following companies:

  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • KidzPartners
  • Cigna
  • HealthPartners
  • Keystone First
  • PA Access
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Aetna Better Health
  • Aetna Better Health CHIP Plans

Do I need pre-certification for surgery?

Most insurance plans require us to obtain pre-certification. This can take up to two weeks or more, depending on the insurance company.

What if I’m unable to pay my bill?

Patients who are unable to pay for services are welcome to apply for financial assistance through CareCredit. Contact our billing department for more information at (267) 343-4280.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Red Lion Surgicenter accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Call (267) 343-4280 to make a payment.

How do I make a payment?

Please call (267) 343-4280 to make a payment.

If you have any further questions, contact our billing department at:

Red Lion Surgicenter
211 Geiger Road
Philadelphia, PA 19115
(267) 343-4280

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